A Message from Your Principal

Dear Sterling Morton Families,                                                                       

Spring has sprung and as any Northeast Ohioan will tell you, be prepared for the weather for the week: sunscreen, shovel, shorts, umbrella, gloves, flip flops and snow boots.  As I scraped the 2 inches of snow off of my car this morning, I felt as though I was driving through two seasons during my 30-minute commute. 

State testing in the upper elementary grades is in full gear. Our 4th graders finished the ELA portion, and our 5th graders will finish up on Tuesday, when we return from Easter break.  Don’t forget… there is no school tomorrow or on Monday for Easter break!

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  We have several PTA members who have children that will be moving on to Shore Middle School.  We really hope to be back to some normalcy next school year.  PTA has provided so many fun activities for our children, both during and after school hours, but we need more volunteers to help chair/co-chair these great events for next year.  Please step up and keep our PTA going strong – we really don’t want our programs to suffer or cease.  You can email Mrs. Phelps at ruge20@hotmail.com with any help you can offer.  THANK YOU!!!! 

It’s hard to believe that the process of assigning students to classes for the 2020-21 school year will start the beginning of May. If you have questions about this process or feel the need to voice a special concern, please call me at 440.257.5954 or email me at sturm@mentorschools.org by May 1st. I am always open to hear your thoughts about learning styles and learning issues; however, teacher requests based solely on preference cannot be guaranteed. In addition, I am not able to guarantee any requests received after May 1st.

I cannot thank you enough for your partnership with Sterling Morton. Should you ever have any concerns or questions, saw something on Social Media, or just want to share a great idea, please don’t ever hesitate to call me at 440-257-5954 or send me an email at sturm@mentorschools.org. We value your continued support! The parents and families here make this the wonderful school that it is!

Wishing those of you who celebrate, a wonderful Easter!

                                                     Very Sincerely Yours,

                                                    Mrs. Jacqueline I. Sturm


Elementary AIR Testing Schedule

Spring 2021 






April 8 & 9

March 29 & 30

April 1 & 6


April 26 & 27

April 19 & 20

April 29 & 30




April 22 & 23